Workshop: Get started with AI in your business

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Get started with AI in your business

What’s included in the workshop?

In this workshop, we help you uncover the pain points in your business that can be improved with AI, like poor time to value, repetitive work and limited access to data.

Where do we start?

Initially, we recommend you look at parts of your business that use a lot of processes and tools but that are not very complicated like reporting or pricing. Often there are opportunities to reduce the level of human intervention involved in the tedious, manual work which drives up costs.

Where do we start?

Use Cases

In the workshop, we explore use cases for AI that will help drive efficiencies in your business. Some examples include automating customer service and support, automating marketing and sales activities and extracting data from documents and internal reports.

AI Strategy

Based on the information discussed above, we create a one page strategy that identifies the areas of your business that can be optimised and accelerated with the help of AI.

AI Strategy

Area of Focus

You will then need to identify an area to focus on so we can create a proposal for the work.


We'll create a proposal that details the steps involved, the costs of incorporating the chosen solution, and what you need to do to ensure a successful implementation and adoption.


If you choose to move forward with our proposal, we can begin the implementation.


We'll also include success metrics that you can track to measure performance, along with best practices for long-term success.

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