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What is software integration?

Custom software integration takes multiple pieces of software and connects them so you can share information across the tools that drive your business. Centralising and streamlining your systems helps improve efficiency, increase revenue, and assists with customer retention.


Why do you need it?

As your business grows, more software and tools are required to make sure things run efficiently. Sales, operations, accounting and marketing all use specialist tools that have a single view of client data. These tools often don’t share information which creates islands of data in each of these platforms which prevents companies from a having single source of truth for their operations.

How can software integration help your business?

By having your data sync between all of your different tools, your teams can effectively use and analyse all their information without manually downloading it from one system and uploading it to another. This saves time and maximises your productivity. 

What types of software and tools can be integrated?

Most software can be integrated to improve productivity and data quality by developing and leveraging APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and web services. We build custom integrations for the applications you use to meet your needs.

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Integration Software

Which integration software do you need?

If you are working with applications that share their API, you can use native integrations with tools like Zapier or Make. If you are using in-house software, you’ll need a custom solution that we can build for you. 

Integrating legacy software with new technologies

Most established businesses have legacy systems, with millions invested in development, maintenance, and licensing. We can integrate newer applications into these legacy systems, decreasing the cost of new software to replace legacy software.

One-way vs two-way integrations

Most integration Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions offer one-way integrations. That means pushing data from app A to app B, as Zapier does. If you need a two-way integration to keep your different databases in sync, you will require a custom solution. This means that whenever you update something in either one of the apps, the changes will be reflected in both.

What do we need before we start?

Before we start an integration, we need to understand your business objectives and which data sources will benefit from integration. This will help us work out which tools and solutions align with your needs.

Ready to get started?

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How We Work

1. Free Consultation

First we have a free 15-minute call with you to get an overview of your automation requirements.

2. Create Quote

We then create a proposal with the estimated cost for the work. Our hourly rate is $200+GST for native integrations and $250+GST for custom development.

3. Start Job

If you accept our proposal we will start the job. Most jobs are completed within 7 business days.

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